From the heart to Ciocoi Nicolae

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Name Ciocoi Nicolae
Age 39 years
Amount required 100,000 Moldova Lei

Good day to all kind people. We ask you to help the 39-year-old Ciocoi Nicolae from the Ialoveni district, Baltati village. Two years ago Nikolai had an accident, he fell from the second floor on a construction site. After that, he underwent a spinal surgery, and he was fitted with a titanium bolt. As a disabled person of the second group, he can no longer work physically and lives with his mother, who is also disabled. The problems they face daily are the lack of financial resources to buy expensive drugs. But this is not the biggest problem. The house in which he lives with his mother is in a deplorable state, the foundation begins to fail. There are huge cracks. The windows are old and broken. Nicolai is a man of goodwill and writes these words with a huge request to help him in this difficult moment of his life. The house can not be renovated, so Nicolai asks you to help buy a small new home. He asks you to give him a helping hand. Thank you!

Campaign began in 17 October 2017
Days left 17
Created P CaritateMD
Region raionul Ialoveni
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