Be a Pillar of Support for The Elderly

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How wonderful it would be if, in addition to the help we provide to children, we could also assist the elderly people in our country who are burdened by the hardships of life. Last year, we came to the aid of 1850 seniors, providing them with food worth 1000 lei, hygiene products worth 1000 lei, and, most importantly for them, firewood for the cold season - 3 steres of firewood for each.

They welcomed us with tears in their eyes... bid us farewell with tears in their eyes... with questioning looks, wondering if we will come again? In just one village, we encountered over 20 lonely elderly people. Imagine how many untold stories, hidden woes, prayers, and tears await us throughout all of Moldova. Dear people with kind hearts, we are a large community, and we ask you, in this month before the cold sets in, to come together for our seniors, to collect 20-30-50 lei from each of us, and we will be able to:

Feed a lonely senior,

Wipe away their tears,

Assure them they are not alone,

Warm their homes,

Share in a part of their suffering

and leave them with HOPE.

Feed an elderly person, and God will rejoice.

Help an elderly person, and God will bless you!

Campaign began in 12 October 2023
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Anonymous donation 10 Dec, 2023 15:58 41
20 EUR
MMPS Terminal 7 Dec, 2023 13:54
50 MDL
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25 EUR
Saufert Pavel Bitca Nicolae 6 Dec, 2023 22:22 2
2,000 MDL
Sa ne fie sanatoria toti buneii
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