Beneficiaries of are projects initiated by non-profit organizations, local governments, businesses and other initiative groups. Their goal is the embodiment of the initiatives of public interest designed to ensure benefits for the society as well as the success of personal or innovative projects.

Why Should I Use - is an effective tool that can ensure the recognition of your ideas. Crowdfunding is the best choice to finance your project. The platform gives you the opportunity for financing from any part of the world, including from people from every corner of the globe.

How Can I be Sure that the project is Visualized?

Your primary adepts (supporters) can be family, friends and acquaintances, who support you in transposing your ideas to platform. Starting a campaign for the implementation of the project and providing as much as possible useful information on that project, you already started to fulfill your dream. Each link to your project, each "share" and each comment will help you achieve your goals faster!

What Do I Get?

You will have the opportunity to interact with people who believe in the usefulness and feasibility of your idea. Thus, you get partners and supporters of the idea you presented. As a result, you get both the necessary funding for the project and a community of people united by a common idea.