Donors are probably the main characters of each crowdfunding campaign. These are people who, through their financial contribution embody the ideas and projects to life. The support provided by donors, contribute to the better changes in our society, a well as to the development of creativity and innovation.

Why should I Make donations?

Making a donation - it is the best way to contribute to the implementation of innovative projects, for saving lives and for the development and support of local businesses. The advantages of crowdfunding lies in the fact that together we can support projects and ideas, as well as people that want to fulfill their dream for a better live.

What are the Advantages?

The crowdfunding is a two-way process. The projects supported by the donors will have all the necessary resources for the realization of positive changes in our society. And that is a significant argument in favor of the role of donors.

In case of successful realization of the project, of a saved life, of a positive change in someone's destiny, each donor can boldly say: "I was also involved in this!".

Are there other ways I can help?

Yes, there are! Every "Share", every comment on social networks can inspire changes and help other people.

Also, you can contribute to the team or take part in the financing of the platform by visiting the page Partners and Supporters.