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Help Adriana to overcome leukemia!

Help Adriana to overcome leukemia!

My name is Adriana Proca, I am 15 years old, I'm in the 9th grade. I study well, always active and participate in extra-curricular activities. I have a large and beautiful family: parents, two sisters and a brother, who is waiting for me back home. January 9, 2017, I was interned in a hospital with anemia, but after the puncture, I was transferred to another hospital. I didn’t know why is that, and my father said...

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Your 1$ can save a life!

Your 1$ can save a life!

Ina Timus needs our support! She suffers from Hodgkin's lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system). Ina is 34 years old, she is taking care of an eight years old girl and they both live on a disability pension (first degree disability). Ina requires to be consulted abroad, because the treatment here in the country, gave any results. The expenses for consultation, accommodation and other necessary items are estimated at...

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Help Patrick who suffers from leukemia

Help Patrick who suffers from leukemia

"My name is Patrick, I am 11 years old and I'm a pupil in the fourth grade. I love my parents and older sister. I have good marks, I do sports, my mother is proud of me and my progress; she says that I am the light of her life. I have a dream: I want to be an architect; I want to design buildings that will become part of history. Since January 4, my mom is always crying. When I ask her why is she sad, she’s pouring...

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04 Jan


25 Dec

Christmas miracles!

Christmas miracles! Dear donors, the "Balkan Pharmaceuticals" company made a wonderful and...

27 Oct

Shopping for Maxim already began!

Good afternoon! Shopping for Maxim already began. And do you know why? Because you exist, because...

26 Oct

Iulia and her children will have a warm winter!

Another great news. Thanks to you, dear donors, Iulia and her children will have a warm winter! We...

11 Oct

Mihai Foca and Donations for Spinal Surgery

Mihai Foca from Grigoresti village in Singerei needed spinal surgery. The young man was looking for...

03 Oct

Simona Mitronici Collected the Necessary Sum for Treatment

Dear friends, donors and all our followers! We are pleased to inform you that the entire sum...