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What is is a platform of collective fund raising (on the basis of social organization), which is aimed to support positive social changes in the Republic of Moldova. is a bridge between civil society - people who are willing and are able to participate in positive social processes and people who require assistance.

What are the objectives of your organization?

The goals of are to raise funds for social projects in different spheres of life - from projects of specific targeted assistance in agricultural sphere, education and arts to assistance for people who are in various difficult situations.

What is the difference between and other similar organizations? has a distinctive feature because in addition to raising funds, our team has been organizing and directing assistance to individuals and groups of people represented on our site as beneficiary. We personally monitor the targeted use of donations in projects submitted for

What are the sources of funding the activity?

The activities are financed from the organizations’ fund - membership fees, as well as various forms of donations and grants.

Creating the case

General information on registering new cases

How can I register on the site

You can register on via or by filling out a form on the website

What are the general provisions?
  • Site visitors who register the user profile online, become members and thus agree with the rules of the site. The users can post their own projects – their fund raising campaigns.
  • Users who wish to post their projects on, act as beneficiaries of the platform, while users who make donations for the running projects of beneficiaries, act as donors.

The responsibility of the Beneficiary is to repay donors through rewards indicated on the page of the project. When a user makes a donation to a project, between him and the Beneficiary is an unwritten agreement Beneficiary-Donor. This agreement and the rules that govern the activity of both parties of the agreement are provided in the "Obligations of the beneficiary" and the "Obligations of donors" compartments.

What documents do I require to create my own project on

You should present and ID (buletin de identitate) for signing the contract with administration. If the creation of your fundraising project requires other documents, we will notify you by email.

For Donators

How can I be sure that the money I donated will reach the intended purpose?

All reports on funds spending are publicly available in the relevant section of

Who provides direct assistance to the people presented on yourwebsite?

Beneficiaries receive assistance from competent professionals employed by, as well as specialized experts - volunteers, health workers, lawyers, psychologists, etc.

Can I be sure of personal data protection while using your website?

All personal data of donors on are protected. You can be sure that we will never share any of your personal information.

For Donors:

How can I do the payments/donations?

The payment methods for donations on are: MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, BitCoin, bank transfer and any other convenient payment system.

What are the fees and the bank charges?

Fees and charges related to card operations on the Internet, are as follows:

  • Fee for acceptance of the card issued by foreign banks: 3.5% of the transaction sum;
  • Fee for payments made via Victoria Bank card: 1.5% of the transaction sum;
  • Fee for payments made by the cards issues by any other banks of the Republic of Moldova: 2.5% of the transaction sum;
  • Fee for payments made via PayPal for each transaction is up to 3,4% + 0.35 euro per transaction;

Fees and commissions related to bank operations are approximately 0% - 1.5% of the amount collected (foreign exchange, international bank transfer, cash withdrawal)

The refunding fee is 120 MDL. We ask you to pay attention to the listed types of fees when calculating the sum (amount) that is required for successful project implementation.

Is my donation secure?

Yes, because in order to ensure the security of personal data and of the donations, uses a custom platform for donations.

What kind of actions does the ensure for the safety of its community?

To ensure maximum safety for donations, uses personalized donor platform and secure payments methods.

To ensure the effective use of financial resources, which are fully consistent with the objectives of each project, will sign a contract with each project or initiative that raise funds on the platform.

Is it possible for to return the funds if the project fails after the end of the fundraising campaign?

No, because beneficiaries of site are responsible for the project and the collected funds. If during the project, there is no sufficient amount of resources collected, the donor will be automatically refunded.

Who is responsible for the implementation of the project in according to the promises made by the Beneficiary? platform is not involved in the project development. Implementation of the project - it is the responsibility of its creator. You, as a donor, decide the amount of your financial contribution. You either support the project or do not participate in its development and do not make donations.

How exactly does the donation system works on

To make a donation, you must register on the site Thus you automatically create your personal online account, to which you will continue to transfer funds in any convenient way. Since the funds are credited to your personal account you decide to what kind of project to direct the funds.

What will happen to the money I donated to the beneficiary?

The money donated by the beneficiary is transferred in accordance with the supporting documents that justify the amount for raising funds:
• for clinics (rehabilitation centers) - if a person applies for treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, analysis, examinations, etc
• for companies, service providers - if a person applies, for repairs, construction of a house, purchase of materials, necessary technical equipment, machinery, etc.;
• to the beneficiary's account - in the case of socially vulnerable families, on the basis of submitted documents from the mayoralty, social services, which confirm the fact that the family is classified as socially vulnerable.

No, because the beneficiary is responsible for the project and for the funds collected on the site If you have not collected the necessary ammount, it is automatically refunded to donors or will be used for another case.

Does this project give priority to some categories of citizens? If so, by what criterion?

The activities of are built on the principle of equality. We are convinced that the assistance should be provided to a broad category of people in all the spheres of public life. Giving priority to the our task as a collective fundraising platform is to ensure transparency of donations and their intended use, as well as to provide a larger number of categories of donors, while attaining social demand and the right to choose a donor.

Can I choose to whom will I donate my funds?

The donor has the right to choose who will be the beneficiary of the assistance.

What are the options to offer non-financial assistance?

The non-financial assistance is an important part of the projects. You can help people you have chosen by providing a service (legal, psychological, medical, maintenance, transportation, etc.). The organization accepts any type of non-financial assistance with the condition that its origin, quality and legitimacy are not contrary to the legislation of Republic of Moldova.

Do you issue a document confirming the amount of donated funds? Is this donation taxed?

After making the transfer, you receive a confirmation of the donation from the bank or other relevant organization with the indication of the transferred sum.

What is the mechanism for monitoring and management of the offered assistance?

In addition to the functions of collective fundraising, is a public organization, which carries out various kinds of assistance to the general public. The intended use of the collected funds is the primary goal of All reports on funds spending are publicly available in the relevant section of

Is there a possibility to make anonymous donations?

Yes, gives you the option to make anonymous donations.

For Beneficiaries

What are the criteria on which selects the projects?

With regard to content, there are several limitations that you can learn by accessing the Terms of Use page. Projects that will be published on platform must comply with the formal requirements of the Create page. For example, the draft should contain a detailed written description and the amount claimed for the implementation of the budget in the current phase of the project.

Do I need any other official documents to create a project?

If we need some additional documents, you will be informed about this in advance.

Can my fund raising campaign last longer that 90 days?

It can. However, the recommended duration of the campaign is two or maximum three months. Thus, you can analyze how the service or the product you offer is appreciated and needed by the community.

Is a video material absolutely necessary for the project?

Video always increases the chances of you project success. We recommend that you prepare an informative video, which offers useful info about your project. A successful and quality video clip is a very good promotion tool.

How exactly platform will promote the project? At the same time, we recommend that you use other methods of promotion, to ensure the project maximum popularity.

Do I need a formal organization in order to create a project?

It's not compulsory. Projects can be created both by physical and juridical persons. It is important for you to match the set of rules we established.

How can I get the financial resources collected during the campaign?

As soon as the funds are collected, will forward them to you, in accordance with an agreement signed when fund-raising was launched. Collecting of the funds is carried by platform on your name or on the name of your project/ fund-raising campaign. These funds should be used only for the purposes of the project, in accordance with the signed contract and the Terms and Conditions set out on the website.

What are the taxes and fees

The registration on is free, as well as the creation of a new project or the making of a financial donation to a project. When you complete the fundraising, holds a commission in the amount of 0% of the collected amount. 

Will I have the opportunity to connect with my supporters throughout the campaign and beyond?

I will have such an opportunity. Each project will have its own page, where you can get access to a database of donors linked to your campaign. You can also write an e-mail with gratitude, or for intention of future cooperation. Therefore, please enter your valid e-mail address and the supporters of your project have the opportunity to contact you.

Do I have the copyright on the provided products or services?

Throughout the campaign, the platform has the right to use the materials presented on the website, but, at the end of the campaign, all of the materials presented in the draft are returned to the author and platform does not have the right to use material without the consent of the author. does not claims copyrights to any material submitted by the author of the project on the site.

What kind of projects will be accepted

We accept any project aimed to bring positive change or benefits to society, as well as projects aimed at private businesses or innovations. It does not take political initiatives, projects that promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other products and services that are illegal in Moldova.

What are the beneficiary obligations after the successful completion of the fundraising campaign?

The main obligations of beneficiaries are to fulfill all the promises made to them in the process of fund-raising campaign.

When the project was successfully financed, its creator is responsible to complete it in accordance with the obligations he assumed before the donors.

In case of problems with the implementation of the project, what should the creators of the project do?

In case of problems, we recommend the creators to write explanatory updated information and explain the situation to all donors. Donors support projects, because they believe in the idea and initiative of the creators, so the resolution of the situation may occur on the part of the community.

Can I run several campaigns to raise funds online

Of course, you can run several projects to raise funds online on, but it is important for them not to be identical and not to duplicate the existing campaigns on the site.

How do I report a copyright infringement?

If you find a copyright infringement on platform, please send us an email with evidence confirming the violation to this address:

Where can I address if I have any more questions?

If you can find answers to your questions if youcontact us at the following email address:


I am interested in a partnership with, how do I contact you?

Excellent! If you are an organization, institution or other person interested in partnership, please contact us at this email address:

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