Campaign "Be the hero of the troubled hearts"

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Dear friends, during 4 months we visited many children in pain, many elderly people that face a lot of difficulties, we met families who lost their jobs, mothers who became victims of domestic violence, and who decided to remain anonymous, many children who grew in violence and total poverty. During these 4 months we offered different types of charity, we managed to bring them not only food, but to enlighten their souls as well. Today we are starting a new campaign, and we are asking once again for your support. Even though we live in a wonderful world, we know that it has a darker side, and it was not easy for us to get closer to these people. The hardest and most painful thing is to embrace the children who are tormented and beaten by their own parents, to feel their pain and fear, which cannot be described... Dear people, a new campaign begins and it is called “Be the hero of the troubled hearts”, which is aimed at helping vulnerable families, elderly people who suffer, children who have seen only violence, aggression and are very scared when someone tries to hug them. Our visits and our support give them hopes that life could be different. Let's continue to bring them happiness, let's continue offering them joy and hope. Together we plan to visit nursing homes and bring them food and other necessary products. Be the hero of these troubled hearts and your generosity will bring them hope that tomorrow they will have something to eat.

Campaign began in 7 July 2020
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Dar din dar se face rai, banii au fost redirecționați de la cazul Nichita Sasu
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"Fii eroul inimilor necajite"
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Putin dar din tot sufletul..
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