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Dear friends, we are launching the social campaign "Christmas of Hope", during which we will visit the homes of the saddest children and families, the homes of elderly, who are on their own. The Christmas of Hope means: no one should spend Christmas by themselves, a festive dinner for children and disabled persons, a Christmas that smells of kindness and generosity. Dear friends, this year we invite you to forget your worries and rejoice together by doing something good for the forgotten and unhappy souls. Every year we are convinced that a festive meal and a warm dinner are becoming more and more important. It is amazing how important these seemingly little things are, they are of great value, because we managed to bring to those in need not only products, but also the love of a person to a person, of a generation to a generation, we managed to unite and become one for everyone: for children and the elderly, who also hope to have a Christmas full of kindness and warmth. The smiles on their faces during Christmas, embody a tremendous spiritual joy that cannot be compared to anything. For us, this is the meaning of December and January - joy, tears, hope, kindness, faith in humanity. Take part in the social campaign "Christmas of Hope", and we assure you that you will learn about all our visits and enjoy these good deeds, and the Christmas you will spend with your family, will bring you even more joy and satisfaction.

Campaign began in 5 November 2020
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