Daniel Is At Risk Of Losing One Leg!

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Name Daniel Zubatii
Amount required 17,000 Euro

In a period when a man spread his wings, when his dreams begin to take shape, when love blooms, Daniel Zubatii received a hard blow of fate - osteogenic sarcoma of the left leg. This is actually bone cancer. Then it was the hospitalization, 4 sessions of chemotherapy, uncertainty, hope and ... the news that his leg will be amputated. But Daniel had hopes and they were confirmed in Moscow, where doctors said they could save his leg. For this hope to become reality. Daniel requires 17.000 euros - a sum that exceeds by far the possibilities of his parents. There is nothing worse than having such a condition when you are 18.

There can be nothing worse for a young man who madly loves football and who beforehis illness was engaged freestyle wrestling. What until recently was normal, now it is just a dream for Daniel. His deepest wish is to walk again. To walk without crutches and without a wheelchair. To live his usual live, to enjoy spending time with his peers, enjoy the youth and all its pleasures.

Daniel asks us all to be with him in such a difficult moment of his life. Together, we can help him become a winner!

Unite (SMS) - 9002 (text "Daniel")

Landline phone - 090009002

QIWI (Bpay) - 17002023

Campaign began in 7 September 2016
In how many days was collected 441
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