From heart to Marina Vechiu

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Name Marina Vechiu
Age 32 years
Amount required 25,000 Euro

Last Name: Vechiu
• Surname: Marina
• Age: 32 
• Required assistance: purchase of an apartment
• Required amount: EUR 25,000

A message from Marina:

Good afternoon, my name is Marina Vechiu. I am 32 years old and I am disabled, immobilized in a wheelchair. From 2 years to 14 years old, I suffered from bone tuberculosis. Then I underwent the necessary treatment and despite the fact that the tuberculosis was completely cured, after that I became disabled and as a result I’m in a wheelchair.
In present, I work as a volunteer and a leader in Christian camps for people with disabilities. With great love, I help everyone who needs me. At the moment, the biggest problem I face is the fact that I have no place to live, I stay with my sister, but I don’t want to bother her anymore. Therefore, my dream is to open the door of my own home, to have my own room, my own apartment. This is a dream that I cannot fulfill on my own, so I ask you for support.
If you read my story, please show some compassion. I ask for assistance from anyone who wants and can help me. I am confident that the Lord will reward you for all the good deeds you made. With great hope and faith, I ask you to help me make my dream come true. Below I provide my contact information:

Thank you in advance!

Sincerely, Marina Vechiu

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