From the heart for Andrei Ciurea

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A message from his wife:

Hello, my name is Ana and, unfortunately, lately, our family has been going through terrible times. Recently we received a piece of news that not only disturbed our whole life, but also made us powerless. My husband, Andrei (35 years old) and the father of two children, four and one years old, was diagnosed with cancer (sarcoma) of the soft tissues of the left arm. He underwent surgery and chemotherapy in our country, but to no avail - the disease is progressing. We decided to visit a foreign clinic, where they examined him and told us that there was a chance of recovery. But the treatment is long and very expensive, we don’t have this kind of financial resources. It is very difficult for me to see my crying children who look for their “daddy”, and to know that Andrei's life depends on a huge amount of money that we do not have. Therefore, we ask all people of goodwill to help Andrei defeat his illness and rejoice living with his children. You are our hope and the hope of our children. Only faith in God and in people of goodwill gives us the strength to fight further.
Thank you so much for your support!

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