From the heart for Cristian Cotovici

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Name Cristian Cotovici
Age 23 years
Amount required 53,050 Moldova Lei
Treatment Moldova
Diagnostic Serious car accident, fractures of both legs

 Message from Cristian:

Hello, my name is Cristian, 14 years ago I had a serious car accident that resulted in fractures of both legs. This accident messed up my entire childhood, it made me see life differently from a young age. Since no one was responsible for helping me, I did not continue the appropriate treatment. I have always felt pain and fatigue, but I always struggled and continue to do so. Now the disease has progressed and I require expensive treatment. Unfortunately, I cannot cope with the situation on my own and I ask all people of goodwill, please help me follow this treatment, which can make my life easier.
Thank you!

Campaign began in 20 May 2021
In how many days was collected 503
Created P CaritateMD
Region r. Criuleni, s. Ciopleni
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Остеопат, могу помочь с ногами- сделать бесплатный сеанс на восстановление кровоснабжения, убрать боли, в Кишиневе. Пиши в телеграмм @osteopract
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