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From the heart for Dragos Dragancea

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Campaign began in 26 November 2018

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Region Chisinau
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From the heart for Dragos Dragancea

  • Surname: Dragancea
    • Name: Dragos
    • Age: 4
  • Diagnosis: brain tumor at thebrain stem level
    • Required Amount: € 100,000
    • Treatment: Germany

    A message from mother:

    Good afternoon, I am writing to you these lines with great pain and despair... Dragos, our four-year-old son, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the level of the brain stem. This news hit us like a thunder, but even more terrible is that my son's life is worth huge amounts of money and we have to collect an impossible sum. I hardly realize what is happening, but it is necessary to gather my thoughts, find strength and fight to save my son, as for a mother - the biggest pain is to know that the life of her child is in danger. We are in a critical situation, knowing that every day is at stake and we don’t even imagine where we can get such a large sum of money. I beg each of you to help us, you are our hope and a chance to live for my child ... I no longer have the strength and I beg you in despair to help me save my son. The most terrible thing is when cancer wants to take away from you the dearest creature in this world - Dragos, our four-year-old son, who does not even realize what he is going through. Any donations will make a huge difference.

Thank you!

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