From the heart for Iurii Nichitovschi

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A message from his wife:
Hello, I am writing to you this message with pain and grief in my soul: my husband Iurii Nichitovschi is 41 years old and he has been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. This news not only changed our whole life, but also made us powerless in this difficult time for all of us. We have three children: the twins Alexandr and Vitalie (5 years old) and Vadim (10 years old) ... We are a happy family and together we are fighting for our father’s life as much as we can, but the disease is progressing and the drugs are very expensive because we have to order them from abroad: a 50 ml Adcetris bottle costs at least $ 1,000. During one year we have to undergo 8-16 sessions of chemotherapy and we need to use three bottles in one session! (24 bottles per year at $ 1,000 per bottle). For our family, this is a huge sum of money that we are unable to collect. I am a kindergarten teacher, my salary is low, my husband is not working right now because of his illness, and his disability pension is negligible, we have three children to raise, but now all our efforts are devoted to saving our father's life. People of good will, we ask you from the bottom of our hearts to help us save my husband and the father of my children. It is very difficult to gather my thoughts and ask for help when my husband’s life depends on such a huge amount of money; this situation destroys our hopes to see our father healthy. Please help us by making a donation in this difficult moments.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and may God bless you!

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