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A message from his wife:
So much pain, suffering and despair, so much anguish and misery have affected the life of this young man and his family.
I am writing these lines as a cry for help to all people of goodwill. I am Igor Buruian, a father of two little girls and at the age of 44 I was diagnosed with sigmoid colon cancer with metastases to the liver, which develop very quickly.
So far, I underwent several surgeries and treatment in the Republic of Moldova and another expensive treatment for 3 months in a clinic in Turkey. However, the results of recent examinations frightened me as I found that metastases in some areas of the body decreased, while in other areas they increased excessively.
There is another problem with my back, where a huge metastasis formed, causing me unbearable pain. In the next three months I must continue radiation and chemotherapy, then I have to undergo a liver surgery and my life now depends on a huge sum of money.

I am constantly doing checkups, going through chemotherapy, expensive treatments and experiencing unbearable pain, I am completely exhausted, but I will not be defeated by this merciless disease. I still hope that I have a chance, and with all my heart I continue to fight to stay with my family, with my little girls who need a father. Unfortunately now I'm helpless before the accumulated expenses, all I have is my hope in you, people with kind hearts and my faith in God.

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