From the heart to Alexandra Maxim

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Name Alexandra Maxim
Age 9 years
Amount required 16,650 Euro
Diagnostic Acute bilateral deafness

A message from mother:

Hello, I am Alexandra's mother, who was born with a broken spine, underwent two surgeries, and today we thank Lord that she is okHowever, after a year and seven months, I discovered that the girl cannot hear anythingFirst, the doctors told that it could be due to the spinal injury, later they told us that it could be from a cold. But we made an audiogram and it turned out that the child hears only loud sounds - she was diagnosed with acute bilateral deafness (hearing loss).

The girl attended a kindergarten for deaf children and now she goes to a similar school. At the moment, she can lip read a few words and tries to pronounce some of them. Our dream is an opportunity for her to hear, because she has been living in a world without sounds for 9 years.

She never heard my voice, the voice of her brother or sister. Often she asks why everyone is talking, but she can't do it. Now my daughter has the opportunity to hear again, but she requires a cochlear implant. Unfortunately, the sum we have to pay for the surgery and implant is huge for our family. This is why I ask for your supportWe beg you to lend us a helping hand, our only wish is that for Alexandra to be able to hear.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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