From the heart to Alexandru Gorceag

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Name Alexandru Gorceag
Age 52 years
Amount required 25,000 US Dollar
Diagnostic Cancer

A message from his son:
Hello, my name is Oleg, I am the son of Alexandru. Two years ago, my father was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, and he underwent a successful surgery. However the disease reached the lymph nodes, and my father underwent 8 chemotherapy treatments. The tomography showed everything was fine and my father went into remission. But we didn't have to rejoice for long, my father had a relapse. There were enlarged lymph nodes in the abdominal cavity, the formation clamped the ureter of the left kidney and the organ was blocked. Installation of a stand in the ureter did not completely solve the problem, and because of terrible pain, my father has been taking painkillers for half a year. Unfortunately we lost precious time while solving the problem with the kidneys, and my father had metastases to the liver and lungs.
He underwent 4 additional courses of chemotherapy, they did not give any result and the cancer progressed. Afterwards we changed the chemotherapy courses. As a result, we decided not to waste time and went to a Turkish clinic, where we received an invoice for $ 3100 for examinations.
Oncologic diseases are very expensive, we needed drugs to maintain the liver, kidneys, intestines and anti-inflammatory drugs because the side effects of chemotherapy caused inflammatory processes, intestinal colitis, etc.
Nevertheless, he underwent 12 more chemotherapy treatments. We received an invoice for an examination at the Turkish clinic, but now, unfortunately, we have no money left. Therefore, we turn to you for financial support, because we are in despair. Please help us until it's not too late.

We hope and we believe in your kindness and support. We know that the world is full of generous and kind people. Everyone wants to live, and so is my father who is only 52 years old. He devoted his life to raising me and my little brother who is only 4 years old. And we will do our best to save him.

Campaign began in 9 June 2021
In how many days was collected 223
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A message from son

If you ask the Lord Jesus for help, He can help through other people. We don't have much time. We carried out examinations at a clinic and the PET-CT analyses showed that the treatment he underwent in Moldova for several years did not bring any results. The lesions in lung, liver and in the peritoneum increased. There are many metastases. We did not expect this. Here in the Turkish clinic, doctors insist on the prompt provision of chemotherapy. We were not ready for this turn of events. We have exhausted all our personal savings, but we are trying to work hard to help our father financially. However, we understand that without the help of donors and this foundation, we cannot cope, since the situation is very serious. Therefore, our only hope is the foundation and people who care. We have a really serious problem. In Moldova, the relapse cannot be stopped. But there is a chance here in Turkey, to receive the necessary treatment. We just ask you to help us stop this tragedy. Time is running out. My father is a believer. Yes, the Lord allowed this disease to happen, but my father believes that HE will also help him find the cure. If there is not enough faith for healing, the Lord has doctors and surgeons for this. He has many methods to help. Therefore, we believe that this is God's will and we thank from the bottom of our hearts. And yet the world is not without good people. We firmly believe in this.


9 Jun, 2021

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