From the heart to Andrei Bogaci

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Last Name: Bogaci
Name: Andrei
Age: 24
Diagnosis: after an accident, immobilized in bed
Treatment: Russia

Hello! My name is Andrei Bogaci and I am 23 years old. At the end of April 2018, I went to work in Portugal, in the city of Lisbon. But one unfortunate accident completely changed my life. On the night of May 1, I fell from the roof of a five-story building. After spending 8 days in a coma, I managed to survive, but for the next 3.5 months I was completely confined to a hospital bed. I had numerous injuries:
1. Traumatic brain injury with loss of consciousness.
2. Fracture T12, T1, L5 and on the left side of the sacrum bone
3. Fracture of both ankles.
4. Fracture of cotyloid cavity (acetabulum).

Simply put, I broke both legs, the pelvis and the spine. In the hospital, in Lisbon I underwent 8 surgeries and on September 10, 2018, I was brought home to Moldova. Unfortunately, due to the lack of modern equipment, it was decided to go for rehabilitation to St. Petersburg. The funds for the treatment were collected by my family and friends. At the moment, I have completely no sensitivity below the knees and on the back of the thighs, the pelvic organs are not working. It is necessary to continue the rehabilitation. Now there is still a chance that I will be able to get on my feet, but if I don’t start up the work of the nervous system and muscles, I will never be able to walk again ... If you have the opportunity, please help me accomplish my dream: to feel and control my legs again.

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