From the heart to Catalin Boicu

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A message from his family: 

Greetings to everyone who helped us in those difficult moments and we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support. Today we received the results of the examinations scheduled every three months, and, unfortunately, they are not very encouraging. The doctors told us that we must continue to fight for life, because the verdict is - relapse (recurrence). We were so happy after we managed to defeat the disease, we finally saw our boy, full of life, smiling, cheerful, but all this turned out to be temporary. Now he requires a  new - 12 courses of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. We are desperate, it is difficult for us to describe what we feel before starting a new battle. And again we are forced to turn to you, to people of good will: we ask you from the bottom of our hearts to support us, we are now in despair and all we feel is helplessness. We cannot face this fight for his life on our own.

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