From the heart to Corina Lebedi

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A message from Corina:

Greetings, people of good will, my name is Corina, I am a young mother who is on the verge of despair because two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Afterwards I underwent emergency surgery, but it was unsuccessful. The doctors informed me that, unfortunately, it’s not possible to carry out the necessary surgery in our country, and I desperately started to look for a clinic abroad. Now, I have a chance to save my life, but this chance will cost me $ 15,500. Unfortunately, I have no possibilities to raise such a sum of money, and I very much ask you to help me in any way you can. Please, help me save my life and raise my children. I’m desperate, I’m always crying and I just cannot look at my children when they see me in this state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and with the help of the Lord I hope to overcome this difficult situation.

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