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A message from Cristina:

Greetings, people of goodwill. I have always dreamt of having scoliosis correction surgery, which, thanks to your help, took place in 2022. It was during that time that, had it not been for the surgery, I wouldn't have discovered another serious ailment in my ear - mastoiditis, an illness that unfortunately slowly erodes the bones in the middle ear if not treated properly. I had dreams and hopes that everything would end well, but due to delays, it became too late, and there were serious consequences. Following a routine examination this summer, I was told that I require two more surgeries. The back surgery was successful, but like any girl, I want to look beautiful and feel good in my own body. To achieve this, I require surgery on my thorax to correct the position of the chest bones and allow my lungs to breathe more easily. The ear surgery didn't go very well. The doctor informed me that another surgery is needed because the disease relapses and worsens. The fluid accumulating inside the ear could lead to a bloodstream infection, which can sometimes even be fatal. At the moment, my ear is bleeding slightly, and I have headaches and earaches that shouldn't be ignored; and unfortunately, I need another urgent surgery. I beg you from the bottom of my heart to help me once again by making a small donation. I am deeply grateful to you and be sure that if you are kind and generous, you will be rewarded with kindness and generosity in return.

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