From the heart to Cristina Zama

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A message from Cristina:

In May 2022, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Since I lived all my life quietly, next to my children, I could never imagine this could happen to me. It is a terrible disease that changed my entire life.

I was prescribed treatment in Romania, which is very expensive and unfortunately I have no financial means to pay for it. This is why I am asking for your support. 

I was prescribed 50 radiotherapy sessions, plus I require chemotherapy and I have no idea how much it will last.  It’s very scary for me to imagine even for a second that God forbid I can’t cope and my children will be left without a mother, and every single day I wake up with terrible thoughts of an uncertain future.

I will be grateful to everyone who reads these lines, who cares and will be able to help me. 

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