From the heart to Daniil Zagoruico

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A message from his mother: 

I am the mother of Daniil Zagoruico and I am forced to turn to you for help in raising funds for the rehabilitation of my son. Our child was born full-term, without any pathologies, and developed like any other normal child until the age of 6 months. However, after vaccination and having contracted rotavirus infection, we started noticing that he changed significantly for the worse. As a result of regular medical examinations, massage courses, and medication treatments, at the age of 1 year and 3 months, the diagnosis given by doctors was terrifying: cerebral palsy, non-obstructive hydrocephalus, periventricular leukomalacia, moderately pronounced tetraparesis with motor and pre-speech developmental delay. After receiving such a diagnosis, we couldn't give up and started searching for all possible methods that could help our little one. Until now, we went through numerous rehabilitation courses, difficulties, tears, pain, and suffering. We learned to hold toys, crawl, sit independently, walk, and speak. Finally, at the age of 5 years and 6 months, Daniil stood up on his own and walked. Regular attendance of a special preschool for children with motor impairments, as well as daily sessions with a defectologist and regular speech therapy courses, including logopedic massage, therapeutic exercises, and massages, yielded positive results. By the age of 7, we were preparing diligently for school, and we were already able to do many things independently. However, at exactly the age of 7, our child contracted COVID-19 (65% of lungs were affected), and after that, he experienced his first epileptic seizure. The second seizure occurred 5 days later. We were prescribed anticonvulsant medications, which helped to alleviate the obvious seizures. However, as a result of these seizures, our child lost all the skills that we had painstakingly developed. He stopped walking, his hands stopped functioning, and we completely lost contact with him. Of course, we felt desperate, but we are not going to give up because patience and hard work are the only things that can bring results. In order to reach new heights, constant rehabilitation is required. And for rehabilitation to be productive and successful, its intensity should consist of at least four courses per year. Like all parents, we want our children's dreams to come true, so we sincerely ask for any assistance in raising the necessary funds for the recovery of our little one. Thank you in advance for any help, compassion, and care shown to our family.

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