From the heart to Danil Parfenii

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Name Iulia
Age 10 years
Amount required 30,000 US Dollar

Hi. My name is Iulia. I have a wonderful son, his name is Danila. He is 10. He is my honor and backbone. Some years ago doctors found a small" lump" on his chest. They were saying that it will disappear soon and is not dangerous, but the lump started to grow and bother. After medical examinations and tests doctors decided to remove the lump surgically. After the tedious waiting of the biopsy results we heard a thrilling answer: breast cancer in the first stage. It was a total shock. The only thing I was thinking of was: why did it happen to my child? After that followed the other medical investigations, tests, again waiting... The diagnosis has been confirmed. Now we are waiting for the surgery, after that, probably rehabilitation. I believe everything will be great and my Danila will get well! But we need money which we cannot afford, it is a huge amount for us. We really need the help of all the unindifferent people. The only thing I care, as a mom is the health of my son Danila. I ask you to help us overcome the most difficult period of our lives. We will be very grateful for any help. Thank you!

Campaign began in 29 September 2017
In how many days was collected 52
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