From the heart to Elena Miscoi

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Name Elena Miscoi
Age 42 years
Amount required 40,000 US Dollar
Treatment Turkey
Diagnostic Breast cancer - IVth stage

A message from Elena

Greetings, people of goodwill. My name is Elena Miscoi and I am 41 years old. I have breast cancer. I have been ill since 2014, I underwent two surgeries and several courses of chemotherapy. At first, everything was fine, but in 2019 I was diagnosed with metastases. I started again to do chemotherapy and I still do it. Several months ago I felt worse and realized that I require another treatment. So I started looking for clinics abroad that could take on my treatment. I found out that the necessary sum for the treatment is huge and I have to turn to you for help. I ask you from the bottom of your heart to help me because I really need this treatment. I really want to live, I want to see my children grow up. Every day I pray to God to prolong my life by at least another 5 years, for my children to grow up and stand firmly on their feet. I ask you for support cause now you and God are my only hope. Thank you very much.

Campaign began in 9 February 2021
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