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Greetings! My name is Elena Simion, I am a mother of two children and I desperately ask all people of goodwill to help me stay alive. Two years ago, my life changed radically when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. My family and I decided to go to Italy for treatment. Two years of continuous struggle followed, I went through a lot of pain and suffering with the hope that one day I would defeat this merciless disease. But, unfortunately, a few days ago the doctors informed us that they could no longer help me, there is no treatment plan for me, as the disease progressed and I have multiple metastases. I cannot accept this situation and wait for my life to end, so we found a clinic in Frankfurt that offers me an alternative treatment, with chances of recovery. However, we require a huge amount of money, which we do not have, because the expenditures until today have been enormous. We are desperate and exhausted financially, physically and morally, but we need to fight as long as there is a chance. I want to see my children happy and enjoy life, without pain and suffering, so I sincerely ask you to help me, every donation counts! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God bless you.

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In how many days was collected 58
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