From the heart to Eugen Iasinschi 2

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Age 19 years
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A message from his mom:
Greetings! This desperate message is a plea to all people of goodwill. My name is Svetlana Iasinskaya and I am writing to you for the third time. My son Eugen is going through very difficult times, we need to undergo another course of treatment to fight cancer. Our family is on the edge, both financially and morally. We have been in the clinic for two years and are continuing to fight for his life. But this struggle won't bring any result without your support, without  kind people who have so far helped pay our expenses. My son has a chance to live, but the required amount is very large for us. Please, I beg you, help me save my son.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Campaign began in 7 April 2022
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