From the heart to Evghenii Guzun

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Age 31 years
Amount required 3,100 Euro

A message from his mother:
Greetings, I am Evgeny Guzun’s mother and in desperation I ask all people of good will to help me in any way they can. My son went missing in Ireland, and soon afterwards he was found drowned in England (Wales). The situation has become even more painful because I am stuck here and cannot pay for the funeral, cannot afford to take my son's body home. I beg you from the bottom of my heart to help me say goodbye to my son. I am constantly in pain and I am constantly crying since I no longer have the strength to knock on doors in search of justice. I beg you, I require 3100 euros. I am in despair like any mother who has lost her son, but even more painful is the fact that I cannot bring him home to say goodbye for the last time....

Campaign began in 30 May 2022
In how many days was collected 22
Created P CaritateMD
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