From the heart to Gabriel Barbarii

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Name Cristina
Age 4 years
Amount required 33,600 Moldova Lei

Surname: Barbarii
First name: Gabriel
Diagnosis: triventricular hydrocephalus

Required amount: 33600 lei
Treatment: Moldova
A message from mother:
Good afternoon, my name is Barbarii Cristina, I'm from the village of Petresti, in Ungheni district and I ask for help from all people of goodwill. My only 4-year-old child was diagnosed with a pronounced, non-obstructive triventricular hydrocephalus. It all started one morning, when Gabriel was only a month old: he started vomiting, then the first convulsions appeared. We made countless examinations, where we were notified of this disease, which destroys his brain. Afterwards, followed several years of various treatments, examinations and procedures . We still hoped that miraculously we could save him because I could not reconcile to the idea that my boy was suffering so much. As a mother, it was very painful to see his suffering and be helpless. Every day for us is a continuous struggle. Gabriel is a wonderful child, he loves life, and this gives us the hope to go further. That's why I ask everyone: help us, we can not pay for the necessary treatment, but my baby needs all these procedures to alleviate his suffering.
Thank you for your help!

Campaign began in 16 August 2018
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Region Ungheni
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Cu doamne ajută
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I am sorry,please forgive me
I thank you
I love you
God Bless You!
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Да благословит вас Господь и исцелит вашего мальчика!!!
Grecu Valentina 9 Jul, 2019 17:20
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