From the heart to Igor Formanciuc

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Name Igor Formanciuc
Age 47 years
Amount required 15,890 Euro
Treatment Russia
Diagnostic Prosthetic hand

A message from Igor:

Hello, my name is Igor Formanciuc, and I am asking you to help me become a normal person again. A year ago, I went through an ordeal, I lost my right arm in a work related accident. Since then I have been trying to learn how to live again, to do something with my left hand, but nothing works out for me. In Moscow, I found an opportunity to get a prosthesis, but it is very expensive for me. In my family, my salary was the only source of income. Now I cannot work, because no one wants to hire me without a hand. My wife is ill, she has a degree of disability and also cannot work. We live on a disability pension. I beg you from the bottom of my heart to help me get this chance to live a fulfilling life!
Thank you very much!

Campaign began in 17 May 2021
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