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From the heart to Ion Demenciuc

905EUR donated from 4,000 EUR
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Campaign began in 26 November 2018

V. Demenciuc

Region Balti
Category Social

From the heart to Ion Demenciuc

  • Surname: Demenciuc
    • Name: Ion
    • Diagnosis: lymphoma
    • Initial amount required for surveys: 4,000 euros
    • Treatment: Turkey

Message from a young man:

Hello! My name is Demenciuc Ion, I am from Balti, from the village of Elizaveta, and we require the support of kind and caring people. It all started in September, when I began to feel bad. After a series of examinations, I was informed that I have pneumonia and problems with the thyroid gland. Treatment followed, which yielded no results. In early October, a relative from Moscow called me, and as a father of a small child, I quit my job in Moldova, because the salary here was very low. In mid-October, I felt very bad, it was hard for me to breathe, my face, neck, and chest have swollen and I called an ambulance. I gave a series of tests and they told me that I had a tumor near my lungs. My diagnosis was lymphoma. To confirm the diagnosis, we also made some tests in Romania. Every day my situation is getting worse, so I went to a German clinic, where I have a chance to recover. But this chance is worth a lot of money. We are a modest family and the amount required for examination and treatment is too high for us. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help me raise this sum, because I need treatment as soon as possible. I have a small child and I really want to see how he grows. We will be very grateful for any donation! We wish you all the best!!!

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