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A message from Mrs. Larisa:

 Greetings to all people with kind hearts and faith in their soul. My name is Larisa, I am a mother of four children and a grandmother of five grandchildren. During my life, I went through many difficult situations, it seemed that I overcame them all, and now I can freely live my life and enjoy it. However, life presented me with a new test, much more difficult. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with colon cancer, it was devastating news for me and my family ... I underwent surgery at the Oncological Hospital in Chisinau, as well as many chemotherapy sessions. With the help of God and the doctors, I managed to defeat the disease. I hoped the worst was over, I thought from now on I would live a normal life, but... cancer attacked another organ - the liver. Until yesterday, I underwent 16 more chemotherapy sessions, but unfortunately unsuccessfully. A few months ago, the situation got worse. I was hospitalized because the test results went beyond the normal, some 10 times, some more. But the suggested course of treatment did not help me at all.

Together with my family, we decided to contact and visit a foreign clinic. The first examination, which lasted 5 days, cost us $ 2,300. Then the doctors informed me that an urgent liver surgery is required. I have been in a hospital in Turkey for a month now. I underwent two surgeries that cost $ 8,000, plus every 5 days I have to pay $ 2,300.

To this day, we have tried to cover all the costs ourselves, but in order to continue cancer treatment, I require much more money. Now I have to ask all people with kind hearts to help me raise the money I need, they would give me a chance to live without suffering, next to my children. I dream of seeing them smile again. I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart and may God reward your good deeds.

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Doamne Ajuta sa te faci bine Larisa .
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