From the heart to Marc Mitriniuc

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A message from his mother: 

Greetings! We desperately appeal to you to help our child, Marc Mitriniuc, born on September 25, 2021. Our world has been turned upside down when Mark was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis., initially manifested as Rhabdomyoma of the heart. At just one month and a week old, the child started experiencing seizures. From that moment on, our life turned into hell. We underwent a series of treatment courses, but we were unable to control these seizures. They occur 15-20 times a day. The child is one year and seven months old: he does not walk, does not speak and does not eat on his own. We turn to you for help, to raise funds for a consultation abroad in Israel. Our last hope is to get a successful treatment. It is very difficult to look at your child, how he suffers and endures these severe pains. 

We look forward to your help and support. Thanks a lot. 

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