From the heart to Marcel Saculteanu

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Name Victoria Salcuteanu
Age 32 years
Amount required 20,000 Euro

• Surname: Saculteanu
• First name: Marcel
• Age: 32 
• Diagnosis: sublingual salivary gland cancer 
• Required amount: € 20,000
• Treatment: Turkey

A message from his wife:

My name is Victoria, and I ask all people of goodwill to help us. My husband, Marcel Saculteanu was diagnosed in June 2017 with sublingual cancer of the salivary gland. This is a very aggressive tumor, which developed very quickly and affected the entire lower jaw. Despite the fact that he underwent surgery, the disease progressed very quickly and our only chance is a clinic abroad, because his condition worsens every day. After three courses of chemotherapy, my husband immediately underwent surgery; the doctors removed the affected bone and replaced it with bone from the foot, and also replaced some muscles and skin. My husband is full of injuries, he needed four surgeries and the skin and muscles were taken from various parts of the body. It is very difficult for him to endure all the pain, but his desire to live is stronger. We also have a 10-month-old son. We made our best to pay expenses from our own funds, as well as with the help of relatives and friends. We also took out loans, but now we no longer have the financial means, we sold everything we could to cover at least part of the costs that are expected of us. Now we ask all people with kind heart to help us. I beg you to help me save my husband, because we really need him. We want our daddy to return home healthy so that we could raise our little child together.

Campaign began in 20 July 2018
In how many days was collected 538
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