From the heart to Mariana Jalba

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Age 53 years
Amount required 96,300 Moldova Lei

A message from Mrs. Mariana:
People of goodwill from all over the world, I ask all of you to lend me a helping hand. My name is Jalba Mariana, I am 53 years old and in 2019 I had an accident, and my left leg was amputated. I was in a difficult situation, but thanks to God and with the help of doctors, I survived. It was very difficult for me to readjust, but I knew that I must continue to live on. Now I ask all of you to help me buy a prosthesis that would give me a chance to get a job, because the disability pension is very small, and I can barely survive. I worked at the district hospital in Cimislia and I wish I could work again to support myself and my 85-year-old mother. I'm the only person who can take care of her. I would really appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks to everyone who read these lines and decided to lend me a helping hand!

Campaign began in 23 August 2021
In how many days was collected 827
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