From the heart to Marinela Velesсo

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Age 8 years
Amount required 20,815 Euro

A message from her mom:

Marinela, my little girl, is 8 years old. When she was two years old, Marinela became ill, she had 
40° C fever, she constantly cried and showed me that her stomach ached. We made several blood tests, everything seemed to be in order, but an increase in the number of leukocytes was found in the urine. The doctor prescribed us antibiotic treatment, but antibiotics did not help for a long time, after 10 days the situation worsened. Marinela's fever rose three times a month, and her leukocyte count did not drop. After a year and a half, her fingernails and toenails began to fall out, and we panicked. Then we made some laboratory tests and at the age of three, Marinela underwent emergency surgery due to the closure of the urethra. After 4 days, we were discharged, but our nightmare continued, her fever started to rise again ... We were hospitalized, underwent new tests and found out that the girl had bladder diverticulum, that is, bags with pus and chronic cystitis. We have been taking medications for 4 years, but, unfortunately, they did not help us, and I started to look at where we can undergo the required surgery. In Moldova it is very risky, because we require some special devices, otherwise the girl runs the risk of falling into a coma on the operating table and may die. I didn't give up and started looking for foreign clinics. As a result of this search, now I have the chance to save my daughter, but the cost of the surgery reaches 20,815 euros.

I ask all people with kind hearts and faith in God, please help us raise this sum of money and save my little girl.

Please, this is our last chance and hope.

May God bless you.

Campaign began in 4 October 2021
In how many days was collected 50
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