From the heart to Maxim Macovei

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Age 11 years
Amount required 172,000 Euro

A message from his mother:
This is Maxim, my little angel, who really wants to live. Even if he will lose a leg... the most important thing for him is to stay alive! Every day he begs me to promise that he will not die!
Maxim was diagnosed with high grade osteosarcoma. The disease is progressing very aggressively and the time is running out. We urgently need to go to Israel for surgery and treatment. Unfortunately, the amount required is too high for my financial capabilities. My son's life is worth 172,000 euros.
I beg you from the bottom of my heart to help me save my child! Help me keep my promise to him that I won't let him die! His life depends on these 172,000 euros. I cannot cope on my own! Please help us! We would be grateful for any donation!

Campaign began in 25 October 2021
Days left 8
Created P CaritateMD
Region r. Ialoveni s. Bardar
Category Social
Anonymous donation 2 Dec, 2021 23:22 10
60 MDL
Nina Filincova-Bilokon 2 Dec, 2021 22:03 42
30 EUR
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10 EUR
Друцэ Кристина 2 Dec, 2021 16:43 3
200 MDL
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200 MDL
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