From the heart to Mia Siminovici 2

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Dear friends, six months ago we were shocked by the story of Mia and her family. The little girl had a serious heart problem - the classic Tetralogy of Fallot. The illness causes breathing problems and oxygen deprivation. The first surgery was successful and now the doctors are awaiting her for the second surgery, a difficult one, but with great chances of recovery ... Recently, Mia lost her mother (who, after giving birth, was diagnosed with Lymphoma and, unfortunately, her daughter's illness imposed an even greater imprint, and she lost her life ...) Mia's father and her older brother are desperate for our support. Dear friends, we sincerely ask you, again, to help this family, as the costs far exceed the capabilities of this single father. The cost of surgery, hospitalization and rehabilitation reaches approximately 20,000 euros and Mia’s life now depends on this sum of money. Her father desperately asks us to help them, he cannot lose his daughter, he will simply not be able to cope with another loss((

From any country or region of the world, we can unite and save this little girl.

Campaign began in 20 September 2021
In how many days was collected 25
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Sa fie sanatosi toti copii din lume!!
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