From the heart to Mihail Braga

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Name Mihail Braga
Age 54 years
Amount required 77,520 Moldova Lei

Surname: Braga
Name: Mihail
Age: 54
Diagnosis: advanced dermatological pathology of the lumbar spine
Required amount: 77520 lei
Treatment: Moldova

Good afternoon, my name is Mihail and I need your support. I am a second group disabled person, and I have severe pain in my legs, which I can hardly stand.After I went to an examination, the doctors assigned me a course of treatment that costs a lot of money. Therefore, I have to ask you for help. Please help me, I want to live a life without pain and suffering, but the sum for the treatment goes beyond my financial resources.

Thank you very much!

Campaign began in 11 March 2019
Days left 34
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