From the heart to Minodora Manoila

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Name Minodora Manoila
Age 75 years
Amount required 33,340 Moldova Lei
Treatment Moldova
Diagnostic Nuclear cataract in advanced stage

Hello, my name is Minodora Manoila, I am from the village of Ruseni, in the Edinet ditrict, and heartily ask you to help me. I recently underwent a medical examination and found health problems in both eyes. I have a nuclear cataract in advanced stage and due to that fact my eyesight is deteriorating, I can see only a few percent, and I require an urgent surgery to remove this cataract. I am an elderly person, but I need to cure my eyesight so that I can safely live the old age. In addition to the disease, my daughter is disabled, it is very difficult for us to cope, as recently my husband underwent a surgery as well. With despair and tears in my eyes, I beg you from the bottom of my heart to help me cure my disease.

Thank you very much.

Campaign began in 22 July 2019
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Created P CaritateMD
Region r. Edineț, satul Ruseni
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