From the heart to Niculina Ciugureanu

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A message from Mrs. Niculina: 

My name is Niculina, I am 44 years old and I am a mother of 3 children. I am diagnosed with some rare diseases: biliary cholangitis, splenomegaly, cirrhosis of the liver of the 3rd degree, for the 7th year already. Last year the doctors told me that I require a transplant to save my life. For 5 years I had liver cirrhosis, in the second stage, and I underwent various medical treatments, which further aggravated my health. In the first years after the symptoms emerged, I was treated by local doctors for various dermatological diseases and allergies. It turned out I have viral hepatitis and biliary cholangitis with a tendency to cirrhosis. In addition to all this, I suffer from chronic insomnia and severe itching all over my body. This makes my life even more difficult. I can't ride public transport without attracting attention and I can't sleep either because the itching doesn't go away. The last resort that would give me a chance to save my life is an emergency liver transplant. I want to live for my children, like any mother, to see them grow up and have the hope that wherever they are, they will know that they have a mother and father who are waiting for them and supporting them. I can undergo the required surgery in a foreign clinic, but, unfortunately, we cannot pay for it. I appeal to all people with faith in their hearts to help me win this fight, because this is my last hope. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help me defeat this terrible disease. 

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