From the heart to Sergiu Ciobanu

712 EUR Of the 5,000 required
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207 In how many days was collected
Age 44 years
Amount required 5,000 Euro
Treatment Sergiu Ciobanu
Diagnostic Cancer

Hello, we are desperately seeking for help from all people of goodwill. We have a large family, together with my husband we are raising three beautiful daughters. Recently, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer (anaplastic astrocytoma) and this news literally destroyed us, spiritually and financially. He underwent surgery and the tumor was partially removed. But the path to healing is long, and now we require long sessions of radiation and chemotherapy, which are very expensive.
This amount is huge for us and I am forced to turn to people with kind hearts for help, because we are powerless against these costs.

Thank you so much for all your support!

Campaign began in 21 November 2019
In how many days was collected 207
Created Domnita Jardan
Region s.Mirești
Category Social
Chirila Constantin 14 Jun, 2020 10:20 9
100 MDL
Dumnezeu sa Va ajute
Gîrneț Vitalina 22 May, 2020 00:04 3
50 MDL
Anonymous donation 26 Apr, 2020 17:31 40
196 MDL
Anonymous donation 21 Mar, 2020 15:05 19
500 MDL
Dobos Elena 25 Feb, 2020 22:39
100 MDL
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24 Jun, 2020
27 Nov, 2019

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