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From the heart to sisters Mihaela and Ionela Oprea!

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Campaign began in 22 February 2019

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Region r. Nisporeni, s. Bălăurești
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From the heart to sisters Mihaela and Ionela Oprea!

Sometimes I wonder why, in most of the cases we encountered, it is children who suffer the most?? There are times when, after visiting and learning some tragic and sad cases, it is impossible not to cry, sometimes it is impossible to fall asleep ... because you are always thinking about them? Yesterday during our visit to Nisporeni, I met two sisters of four and five years old, and found out that their mother passed away, she went to heaven. The girls are still in shock, they are psychologically broken, a little scared, after what they have experienced. But in all this tragedy there is a moment showing that we, adults, can often be real jerks. The girls' father now has another family, and the girls live with their grandmother. Despite the difficulties, their grandmother wont give up, because her granddaughters are all that is left of her daughter ... After all, these girls, who still cannot cope on their own, who need care and love, could remaining homeless. Isn't that terrible? It took me two hours to understand how scared they are, to talk with grandmother and understand how desperate their situation is ... but life was too unfair and too harsh with them ... Grandma’s brother, who had a small house, took the girls under their wing ... although they lack a lot; they live together in a small house, the girls do not have either a bed or a closet and they need to start everything from the beginning. Dear friends, I have always said that the pain of others is sometimes as strong as your own, especially when you have cases like the Oprea sisters, when 4- and 5-year-old children are helpless. There are always moments that impress you and will always be remembered, but often, together with you, dear friends, we can bring everything to a happy ending. Today I want to ask you to make a donation, for the girls to believe in the kindness of people and live a happy childhood. I ask you to help them build a small room, with all the necessary conditions, a bed, a closet, a washing machine. Any material assistance is also welcomed. I am sure that their childhood may look different, but we need your help to prove them that miracles exist.

With high hopes that we will change the fate of these girls, Svetlana Sainsus!

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