From the heart to Tatiana Bogdan-Berghii

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Name Tatiana Bogdan-Berghii
Age 34 years
Amount required 14,900 Euro
Treatment Romania
Diagnostic Spinal cord tumor

A message from relatives:

After a long period with headaches, difficulties in moving her right hand, Tatiana found out about the damned tumor. For her, 2019 was a dark and extremely difficult year. At the beginning of the year she learned about the terrible diagnosis: spinal cord tumor. At the moment, she is in a very poot health condition and the doctors told us that the only salvation is an urgent surgery.

Unfortunately, the cost of this surgery far exceeds the financial possibilities of our family, so we ask for help from everyone who has the opportunity to help us in this difficult period of our lives.

Together we continue to fight the disease, for her to return home to her little girls, but now time is against her. Please show your compassion and help us save this young mother.

For any help and support, thank you very much!

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