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A message from friends and relatives:

Greetings to you, we hope that your support will bring hope to the family of Usacov Dumitru, who is 25 years old and suffers from a congenital disease since childhood. In 2019, the situation got worse and he received the first degree of disability. But God considered that this family deserves happiness and their child, Oleg, was born. Tatiana, Dumitru’s wife is from a large family that opposed her marriage to a disabled person, and their relationship with Marina's family practically ended. Dumitru's parents are divorced. Tatiana and Dumitru managed to collect 2,000 euros from their extremely low incomes, but it is not enough for them to buy even a small house. Their biggest dream is to have their own place. Dumitru even fears that their family may become homeless after his condition worsens. We ask from the bottom of our hearts to help this family and make their dream come true. They need about 3000 euros to have their own place.

Thank you for your support and for helping this family in need!

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