From the heart to Vadim Surachi

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A message from his mom: 

My name is Elena, I am the mother of Vadim, a former firefighter from the village of Trebisauti, Briceni district, who is 34 years old. I have a request to all generous people who will read this message. Since the summer of 2015, my son has been bedridden with complete body paralysis after a traumatic brain injury. During these 7 years, we have gone through hell, and only God  helped my son stay alive, because even the doctors did not give him a chance. I didn’t give up and he underwent 5 surgeries, he underwent countless rehabilitation procedures both in the country and abroad. We recently returned from a Turkish clinic after 3 weeks of rehab and the results encouraged us to keep going, but I ended up unable to pay for all of these rehabs. As a mother, I wish with all my heart that Vadim could eat on his own and walk again. Wherever I've been, the costs are very high - I'm a lonely widow and Vadim is my only son. I appeal to all people with kind hearts and ask you to help us overcome these difficulties so that I can put my child on his feet. 

Sincerely, best regards from Surachi family. 

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