From the heart to Vera Vovcic

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Name Vera
Age 35 years
Amount required 10,000 US Dollar

• Last Name: Vovcik
• Name Vera
• Age: 35 
• Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
• Initial required amount for treatment: 10,000

A message from Vera:
Good afternoon, my name is Vera, I am 35 years old, and I have two wonderful children that I simply adore. For 3 years now, I have been fighting with breast cancer. It is difficult for me to talk about this merciless disease, because it brought me a lot of pain and suffering, but I have hopes that I will be able to defeat it, because my little children are near me, they give me the strength to fight and always support me. Unfortunately, our only problem is the large cost of medications from abroad that I require. These drugs cost a lot of money, we can not afford them, so I want to ask all kind people for help. We really need your help, because I want to overcome the disease, but I can not cope on my own.

Campaign began in 20 November 2018
In how many days was collected 460
Created P CaritateMD
Region Chisinau
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Pascari Cornelia 22 Feb, 2020 19:08 14
100 MDL
Mirghes Stelian 16 Feb, 2020 23:53 13
961 MDL
Draga Vera Vovcic, doar cu ajutorul lui Dumnezeu puteti trece peste aceasta grava problema de sanatate. Oricat de mult v-am putea ajuta noi cei cu inima buna si deschisa, nimic nu se poate face fara voia Domnului. Puneti-va toata increderea in El, credeti din inima si cititi cuvantul Lui cel Sfant si veti fi mereu pe calea cea buna. Doar la El si in Biblie, aveti alinarea sufletului vostru si speranta pentru viata cea vesnica. Dumnezeu sa va ajute sa treceti peste orice greutati, iar Isus Domnul si Mantuitorul nostru si marele vindecator sa va binecuvanteze!
Anonymous donation 21 Jan, 2020 15:01
200 MDL
Hachi Constantin 16 Jan, 2020 17:29 15
194 MDL
Anonymous donation 14 Jan, 2020 22:13 498
I am sorry,please forgive me
I thank you
I love you
God Bless You!
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