From the heart to Vitalie Pirogan

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A message from his wife:

Greetings. I am the wife of a wonderful man who is also a caring father of two little princesses. The girls want to help me in any way they can, but they don’t know how ... because sometimes not everything is in our power ... God help us!! In June 2021, after an MRI of the lungs, doctors suspected the presence of the enemy - CANCER. But in order to make an accurate diagnosis, we spent here unsuccessfully, a whole month. We had to spend everything we had, and with the help of relatives, friends and neighbors (I am very grateful to them), we managed to find a foreign clinic, where after a short period of time we were told the exact diagnosis: METASTATIC LUNG CANCER, 4th stage. Now the surgery is not an option, but we have great chances to find a method of treatment that would be effective in stopping this type of cancer, since we wholeheartedly wish for Vitalie to be with us as long as possible. We need to run a series of analyzes and investigations that will give us the answers, but they cost a lot of money, which we don't have. Our financial resources have been depleted in a very short time since he was diagnosed, and now our physical and mental condition is deteriorating day after day. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help us overcome this terrible disease ... all I can dream about is to have him close to his children. Please help me save our family.

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