From the heart to Vladimir Cobasnean

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Age 3 years
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A message from mother:

Hello, I’m Vladut's mother, and after several tests and examinations, the doctors informed us that my child has a liver tumor. This news was a shock for all of us and brought despair and pain to our entire family. We are desperate and do not know what to do, every day we wake up in fear, constantly reading prayers to save our child. Unfortunately, the chances of treatment are only abroad, and from the very beginning, we need a detailed examination to determine the right treatment for Vladut. I ask you, as a mother who holds her sick child in her arms, please help me save my son from this tumor. It is very difficult to see how our children are suffering and how hard it is for them to fight cancer, while we are helpless, because the costs for examinations and treatment are huge, and the waiting time exacerbates this situation. We pray every day to get a chance to save our little boy and we are asking you from the bottom of our hearts to lend us a helping hand for the life of Vladut.

Thanks to all people with generous souls and kind hearts.

Campaign began in 8 July 2020
In how many days was collected 44
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