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A message from her sister:


We are the Efimenco family, and with deep sorrow in our hearts, we ask for help from kind-hearted people through the foundation to help Veronica see the light of day again and emerge from the darkness in which she has been living for nearly 8 years.

Veronica lost her eyesight in a very short period, just 6 months. From the very first days, weeks, she saw a fog in front of her eyes, and then she started seeing something like little stars. My sister didn't pay much attention to them at that time because she was battling severe pneumonia, thinking it might be the cause of her symptoms. Unfortunately, with each passing day, the situation worsened, and my sister could only see shadows and silhouettes of people.

Of course, this was a shock to the entire family, but especially for Veronica's husband and daughter. She was only 27 years old, blind, unable to see her only child grow, unable to hold her hand on the first day of school. This was followed by a very severe and deep depression from which my sister couldn't escape. She wasn't eating, talking to anyone, and wouldn't accept anyone near her. During that period, she lost weight and went down to 40 kg. After working with specialists, Veronica somewhat accepted her condition and started to adapt. She started cooking, cleaning, and did everything she could, until God presented her with another serious challenge. Her husband was diagnosed with the most severe illness: cancer.

A year after the death of my sister's husband, together with our family, we decided to go to Russia to seek consultations from local doctors because hope had not abandoned us. I couldn't come to terms with this thought and continued to search for information on social networks about the diagnosis, the possibility of a transplant, or the availability of treatment in other countries.

I found a clinic in Georgia.

A week later, I received a phone call, and we had a positive response. Veronica was invited to the Mardaleishili Ophthalmological Center in Georgia for additional examinations and the procedure my sister needs. As the specialist explained to us, it is a unique procedure performed once in a lifetime. The percentage of vision improvement depends on the individual's body, but there is a minimum guarantee of at least 25%.

We agreed. Hearing this news, I didn't even think to ask about the cost of the procedure; I completely forgot about it. Then the specialist promised to provide me with all the details, including the cost and the services included, and said we needed to respond regarding the procedure appointment... For our family, this is a significant sum of money, which will require a lot of time to raise. According to the specialist, we need to hurry because the transplant is performed only when the patient has at least 3% of living nerve cells in the eye, and my sister is at risk of losing them.

We are reaching out to you with this request and we are begging you to help our sister regain her vision, even partially.

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